Chair Art is Actually a Thing

Most people consider chairs a tool. Yet, with a little bit of research you could soon discover that chair art is actually a thing. There are people out there readily creating works of fantastic, creepy, highly unusual art with a purpose. After all, a chair’s no good unless you can actually use it as well.

Now, let’s not jump to the high heel chair design phenom that went down a few years ago; there’s far more creative concepts out there. But, it’s best to remember that even in these uber cool designs, a lumbar cushion prevents back pain. Back pain seems to be one of the greatest irksome qualities about sitting in a chair, art or not, for any length of time. Lumbar cushions are available for all kinds of chairs and their functions. So, we’re sure you’ll find one that works for the following radical chair art designs.

Chair Art is Actually a Thing

6 Chairs You Won’t Believe Exist

Like we mentioned previously, we’ve probably all seen the high heel shoe chair, and certainly there are a number of rather interesting looking gaming chairs. But, we’ve got to talk to you about these 6 chairs you won’t believe exist:

  1. Animal Chair– Seemingly made from black leather, the back sides of the chairs resemble a host of different animals. And they are profoundly vivid and real looking. So, if you’d like to rest your weary body on a squid, rhino, elephant, seal, or even a whale’s tail, these might be the chairs for you. You’ve got to see these.
  2. Suitcase Chair- This is a great one for travel lovers and those looking to create their own unique pieces of furniture. Find a trashed vintage suitcase, one in which the outside is still in decent condition. Then attach legs, fill with foam, and upholster in whatever pattern floats your world adventure boat.
  3. Hybrid Chairs– Like the animal chairs, these include varying animal qualities. One has giant antlers extending from the back, with deer hoof legs, and cat’s claw arms. Each intricate part of the design is carved out of wood and then it’s upholstered in some sort of animal fur, thus making it a hybrid. There are bunny eared ones too!
  4. Cactus Chair– Obviously you’d never want to sit on one of those prickly buggers, but a chair simply designed to look like one could be interesting. It appears to start off as a regular upholstered wood chair but the back extends into a variety of ovals and circles that branch out much like a cactus would. When upholstered in green the effect is all the more incredible. There are even bits of tufted thread that stand on end to make it look like the needles of a real cactus. We hope they are more silky than pointy though. See more.
  5. Quiet Chair– This upholstered pentagon allows for curling up with your favorite book. It’s deep enough to get comfortable, as long as you like an enclosed space. Personally, we think it’s a little claustrophobic but some people might like its design.
  6. Quartz Chair– If you’ve ever had the pleasure of looking at the inside of a geode then you know how seemingly random the crystals appear. Some are larger than others and they all go at different angles. That’s the idea behind this potentially comfortable chair made of varying shapes and sizes of blocked, individually covered, cushions. The crystal shaped cushions are also removable from the base of the chair. We’re not sure if that’s for cleaning purposes or if it’s to allow for some sort of puzzle experiment.

As you can see, chair art is actually a thing! For more incredible chair designs, click this link.