Choosing The Right Lens To Add Oomph To Your Photography

When it comes to photography, it is the small things that make a difference. As much as your photography skills are more of what will influence your results, the kind of lens that you use has a big impact on the results that you get. That is why you will get serious photographers with different types of lens. There are many kinds of lens and they all serve their function depending on their size. The kind of photography that you do will influence the kind of lens that you will use. Some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a camera lens include:

Choosing The Right Lens To Add Oomph To Your Photography
Choosing The Right Lens To Add Oomph To Your Photography

Hardware mount: This will mainly be influenced by the kind of camera that you have> most of the time Panasonic and Olympus use the same kind of mount which is the micro four thirds mount. You will find that the olympus om-d e-m5 mark ii lenses will use the same mount as many Panasonic lenses. Nikon cameras use the F mount while canon DSLRs will use the EF mounts.

Lens speed: The speed of a lens is very important as it is what determines the maximum aperture of the lens. A fast lens will help you take better pictures in dark places and pictures of moving objects. It will also give you a shallow depth of field hence you can shoot great up-close photos. It is due to the many advantages that fast lenses are normally more expensive as compared to slow lenses.

Focal length: This is basically the length of your lens and is the distance between the optical center of the lens and the focal point of the sensor of the camera. It is normally measured in mm. It is what determines how much a subject will be magnified when you are taking a picture.

Kind of photography: The kind of photography that you do will determine what kind of lens will be appropriate. Macro photography most of the time will need a big focal length. If you are not specific on your kind of photography, then you can look into other factors.

Image stabilization:  Image stabilization is important when it comes to reducing camera shake. Camera shake is not a very good thing as it is the main culprit for blurry pictures. As much as it can be greatly be reduced by using a tripod, image stabilization feature greatly helps. There are some lenses that also come with gyro sensors that help in doing correction of any camera shake.

Build and quality: Just like other things, lenses come in different builds and quality. Even though that is mostly influenced by the brand of lens you are dealing with, many lens manufacturers will have a range of lenses that are of different quality.

Budget: Lens will come in different price tags depending on the kind of features they have also the brand.  The price will also be influenced by the quality of their build.