Making statues out of clay

If you are looking for a challenge, and you want to make your own, small statue, then you might wonder if this is something that you will be able to do. If you have some wonderfully easy instructions, anyone with some creativity can make their own statue. Here are some steps that you need to remember when you are making your first clay statue:

Making the drawing (planning)

It is important to do the planning, before you start doing anything else. This is to make sure that you’re going to know how your sculpture is going to look. for related details, visit :

Making statues out of clay

By just starting to create your sculpture without doing the drawing or planning, can result in your sculpture to fail. And this might be because you don’t see the “picture” that you need to sculp.

Building the base

The one thing that people are forgetting about making a small statue out of clay, is the fact that they should have a base to work on. Building your statue without a basis going to result the clay from falling apart, and it will not stand correctly.

The best thing that you can use for building the base, is to use some strong wire. You are then bending the basic lines out of the wire. The head, body, arms and legs. Then, you will have a base that you can use for your statue.

Using the right type of clay

It is also essential that you are getting the right type of clay when you are creating a statue from clay. Not all the clays correct for this purpose.

You can buy the right clay in any hobby shop. Don’t try to use the clay that you can make out of flour and salt for this type of sculpture. This isn’t going to work. The clay needs to be firm and able to dry. But, it should be versatile so that you can create detail with the clay.

Forming the sculpture

When you are starting to form the sculpture, don’t start at a point and work your way up. Start over the whole body, making the basics. The legs, arms, head and body. Start with the larger sections first. When you are done with these bodies, you can start adding the detail, the face and the fingers and toes.

Many people are working from one point, finish the detail and then working to another point. You will soon realize that this isn’t a great way to sculpt a statue. You add the details at the end, otherwise you might smash your detail, as you are working with the other parts of the body.

Making a statue out of clay isn’t as hard as what you might think. If you have the right equipment, some creativity and the best possible instructions or tips, you will be able to create a small statue in no time. The secret lies in the base that you need to build first, and the type of clay that you’re using.…

How you can make art out of garbage Recycling.

This is something that we hear about on a daily basis. There are some people that are really creative and that can make really great things out of recycling goods. Bu there are some people that are really finding it hard to make any recycled goods, because of a lack of creativity. With some great tips, you will be able to make art out of garbage. Then you don’t need to wonder how you can make art out of garbage anymore. Here are some great tips:

Using old tires

There are so many things that you can make from using old tires. Some people throw away these old tires without even thinking about what they can actually make with these old tires. click here for related information.

If you have an old, large tree, you can use these tires to make a swing for your children or even for your dog. You can use the tires as pot plants to plant flowers or even potatoes in.

Another great idea with old tires, is to make them into chairs. You will need a couple of old tires and some instructions that you can find online. It can make really great looking chairs that your friends and family will adore.

Making jewelry

If you are really creative, you can use old bottle caps to make great jewelry. This isn’t something that many people can do, but if you are creative and know how to make jewelry, you can always try this idea. for more information, visit :

How you can make art out of garbage Recycling.

You can get some great samples online. It is surprising on what cute jewelry you can make with using old, recycled material.

Old cans

The one recycling material that is really great to use, is old cans. It is really versatile and you can create different things with the different size cans.

You can paint the cans, and it can make great storage holders for your office or even for your child’s room. You can put small things in to keep it all together. You can even take a can and turn it into a bird feeder. If you are a bird lover, and want to get birds in your garden, you can make more than one bird feeder to ensure that the birds have more than one place where they can find food.

Using cork from the wine bottles

If you are drinking wine a lot, you will know that the cork tops that you are getting from these wine bottles. Many people are throwing these corks away without thinking twice about what they can actually make from them.

There are so many ideas online that you can use to make things out of corks. For those who are really creative, you can even start selling these cork items at flea markets.

You can be really creative with old, recycled material. There is no reason on why you should be a creative person before you can turn garbage into usable items. With just doing a bit of research, and thinking out of the box, anyone can create some great pieces that you can use in and around the home.…

How to Have Respect for Art

Respect is not something that people initially have for everyone. Some people would have to work hard in order to gain the respect of other people while there are also some who immediately get respect because of their family name or title. In the office, do you only respect people who are in charge of the payroll service? This is not the proper way to deal with people in the office, right? You should make it a point to be respectful towards everyone especially if you are new.

Respect is needed everywhere. It can start from your own house. You should have respect for your elders. You should also respect and love the rest of your family members. Without respect, other virtues and traits will not follow.

How to Have Respect for Art

When it comes to art, respect is needed too. There are a lot of people who do not seem to know what they should do whenever they are in museums especially if they are not too fond of going there. Some are forced to go there by people that they consider important or they may be there in order to support someone they know. What about you, do you enjoy going to museums or to art exhibits? If in case it is your first time, it will help if you know how to conduct yourself.

  1. Do not try to imitate what you see in the artwork. For example, if you see a painting depicting a scene, you may not be allowed to depict what you see. Some people have already tried this just for fun and art enthusiasts usually find this offensive and disrespectful towards the artist who has created the painting or sculpture.
  2. Taking pictures or taking videos of the artworks are not always allowed. Although you may be tempted to take pictures of some artworks because they will look great when you share through social media, some artists may not like this. Get to know the rules first before you start snapping away.
  3. Touching the artworks are not allowed. It may be tempted to touch some artworks because you know that some parts of the painting may be thicker than the rest. Perhaps you just want to know how the artwork feels like. You would like to satisfy your curiosity but if you do this, you may end up ruining the painting entirely.
  4. Do not be loud or boisterous while looking at artworks. When you go to the museum, you are there to check out different forms of art. Some people need their full concentration when checking out different artworks available. You do not want to disturb them by being too loud.
  5. Even if you are not too enthusiastic about paintings and other forms of artwork, it will still help if you would try to understand the different pieces that you see. You may find a few ones that will manage to speak to your soul.

Going to the museum may be an entirely new experience for you but as long as you know how to conduct yourself, it will not be too hard.…

Why Artists Should Use Bookkeepers than Do Accounting Themselves

Artists aren’t too good with numbers in general.  Leonardo da Vinci was one of the exceptionally few artists who were actually good at science, art, inventing and numbers.  But overall artists tend to develop the creative side of their brain a lot more and thus aren’t the best in math, equations or theories.  If artists were good in these areas they would much rather follow a career in one of these topics because it’s a lot easier to earn a good salary from one of these technical fields than it is from creativity and art.  Very few artists are successful and if you are one of the exceptionally few that actually made it big in the art industry then you can give yourself a pat on the back.  But no matter how tough it is to create art, you are no exception to the rules of taxable income and you should run your art business like any normal business.

Why Artists Should Use Bookkeepers than Do Accounting Themselves

Why you should get a good bookkeeper

As said before; artists are generally not very good with numbers. Doing your own accounting can be a flawed nightmare because accounting is all about numbers.  If you are not good with numbers then you are going to have a hard time at proving where your income is coming from, showing your expenses and when it comes to tax payments and tax filing.

Spare yourself the headache and get an accountant

Now you can always go for an accounting course or check out some bookkeeping tutorials on YouTube to develop your capabilities.  But in the end you are only going to fool yourself because if accounting simply isn’t in your line then the effort is often just not worth the result.  Get a bookkeeper so your accounting will be done right and so you can have more time to focus on art.

Things bookkeepers can do for you

Bookkeepers can do a great deal of things for your art business or for you as an individual.  They offer the best advice on the best ways to get your accounting processes done and they have a team of professionals that can do all of your accounting, file your taxes, assist you with tax claims, help you with tax payments and do your payroll for you.  Some bookkeepers are even willing to travel to your destination to help you clear up any bookkeeping problems that you are struggling with.

Use Bookkeeper Co

Bookkeeper Co is an accounting firm in Melbourne that can do all of your accounting services for you.  They offer services like business and personal bookkeeping, tax filing, tax claims, payroll and more.  You can visit their site at to have a look at some of their services and benefits.  This fantastic company won’t just assist you from their office, they actually offer onsite services which means they are willing to go out to your premises for a minimum of four hours a day to get your accounting processed on software like MYOB, QuickBooks, Excel or XERO.…