How You Can Use Lego Blocks For Creating Home Décor and Art

There probably isn’t a single person on the planet that doesn’t know what Lego is.  These infamous blocks have been thrilling children and even adults since 1947 when they were first able to create plastic toys and the all famous Lego blocks.  Everyone talked about it and loved Lego as soon as they started creating themed sets to collect. Today you can find an infinite number of Lego collections in a huge variety of themes.

But Lego isn’t just for fun and games.  These fantastic building blocks have some pretty great mental benefits in store for you and benefit children by improving their fine motor skills and for developing speech and engineering skills.  The blocks are also pretty popular amongst collectors. The largest private Lego collection in the world is located at the Lego Museum in Prague and you can check out some of the biggest Lego collection sets in the world in this fantastic museum.

The only downside is that Lego blocks can be tough to store away when you are done playing.  These blocks are so tiny they can get lost pretty easy and leave your Lego around the house can be dangerous to small children and pets.

Declutter or store Lego by creating art

A simple solution for storing your Lego and for decluttering is by creating art with your Lego blocks.  Lego art gives you the opportunity to be creative and allows you to display those expensive Lego blocks and collections in very beautiful and functional ways.  Here are a few ways you can use Lego blocks for creating home decorations and art.

Display cases

You can copy from the Lego Museum and install plenty of display cases in your home.  Build your Lego collections and store them in these cases for all to see and enjoy.

Lego coffee table

A Lego coffee table will also look pretty fantastic and there are different ways to create this type of coffee table.

Tabletop – Simply build your Lego to cover the table top.  You can create a mix for an abstract effect or create a picture for a mosaic effect.

Glass display – Build a glass box and use it as a coffee table.  Inside you can display your Lego collection

Convertible table – A coffee table that converts into a Lego table can also be very creative and very functional for storage. 

Lego wall art

Lego blocks can also be used to create any type of art you want.  The result will be a mosaic-like artwork and you can feature anything you like.  You can create portraits, landscape scenes, mimic popular paintings and so much more.

Word art

Lego blocks can be used to create fantastic looking word art.  Simply build your favorite words and mount it on a piece of wood for hanging.


One of the best reasons to use Lego in-home art is because you can build any sculpture or form imaginable.  You can create live sized scaled sculptures of animals, vehicles, your favorite movie or superhero characters and so much more.

Lego building is without a doubt a fun activity to enjoy and by creating fun artworks and décor pieces for your home you will always have a good way to store away your Lego so it never gets lost or in the way.…