Achieve Immortality Through Art And More

Since the ancient times, humans have entertained the idea of living forever. These ideas themselves have immortalized in our society in the form of myths. Japanese believed eating a mermaid could grant you immortality while the Greeks believed that certain ingredients could do so. Call it “The Fountain of Youth” or “Elixir”, they were meant to help us live forever!

Of course, no human has ever gotten close to achieving it! However, for modern humans, immortality has a completely different definition. Immortality, for them, means having your name and work live-forever. When we think about folks who lived several hundred or even thousands of years ago, we tend to think about Cleopatra, Mozart, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Einstien, Galileo, Plato, Aristotle and many others.

Therefore, having your name remembered even after death is essentially the closest to immortality we could ever reach. You could do so too. How?

Here are a few ideas:


Art helps you let your creative side loose! It can help you deal with your emotions in the most fruitful way possible. When we think about great artists, we see that their names are the ones that tend to live on the most! These could include sculptors, musicians, singers, actors, playwrights, painters, et cetera. However, they only relied upon word of mouth to be known.

You have a distinct advantage over them. You have the internet. One viral meme and you’re famous! It is essential that you get your art known and for that, you must be present online. There are many ways to optimize your site or pages. Ensure everything you do is uploaded on the website for the world to see. Make certain to showcase your art in galleries that will get a lot of media attention. If not the world, your name can certainly be immortal in your hometown.


Many historians believed that while our ancestors did not discover the secret to immortality, however, in their quest, they made many scientific breakthroughs. They invented Algebra, discovered elements and so on. Now their names are embedded in History! Yes, we know you cannot possibly make such scientific breakthroughs. However, technology can still help you!

Recently, a new technology has emerged called “Mind Uploading”. Mind Uploading allows your brain to be scanned and then your conscious is uploaded on the computer. Although there are still many features of the brain that we are unaware of, IBM deems it is certainly possible to do so. However, you might want to wait before your certain death to get your brain scanned and uploaded. Why? The process consists of slicing the brain into thin pieces where each slice is scanned. However, the technology is still primitive and is yet to be tested out.

For more information on what mind uploading is, you can visit Human Paragon. This site is definitely for the futuristic nerds who would love to know about new future tech that is in the process. These could include Cryogenics, nanobots, et cetera.


Another way to truly ensure your name lives on forever is to write. You can either start a blog or write a book. We can’t guarantee that it will be a hit. However, it would be an achievement if you ensure at least a few people remember you. You need to have a super extraordinary story or concept. Even if you do start a blog, ensure it is the best one out there and promote it using various techniques.


A rather new way of expressing ideas is vlogging. You hear of many famous Youtubers such as Jake Paul, Pewdiepie, et cetera. They all ensure their content is 100% original. You can do so and watch your followers increase by the millions!…