3 Ways Artists Can Make Money Online!

No matter where you graduated in arts from, it always requires breaking a sweat to make your place in the real world. Your success depends on the amount of effort you put into not only your work but also to make it recognized by the public. Selling your artwork is more difficult than creating it. Nonetheless, living in the digital world is in your favor. Going online is a great decision, particularly when you are doing it for a living. There are hundreds of ways to make money online as an artist. However, we have here the best three:

Develop a blog:

A blog can help you earn a great deal of money. Develop a blog and use it to hoist your original work. However, you would have to find out the ways to make it popular as nothing comes this easy. You can write art-specific articles where you can share the latest stories or your personal experience in this work. This could be helpful for those who are in the same field and looking for a guide. It requires constantly sticking around.

Post articles on daily basis and post it on all your social media accounts. Your artwork would not be just a way to earn money, you can make more by paid advertisements and paid articles. An important thing here is to ensure you work is license protected. This is as important as earning money.

Host your work from specialized sources:

Another way to host your work is from specialized sources. There is a plenty of websites that would host your work on their websites. This way, you cannot only sell your art but also can make a huge fan base. Make it work through the other websites. Such as:

  • com:

This is an amazing site to display your work. Both newcomers and experts can take advantage of it. The only requirement is to open a store account. It can be free or paid.

  • AbsoluteArts:

This is considered as one of the most visited sites. Create a bio and portfolio and avail their free to premier level services.

  • Aftcra:

It allows you to set up a storefront. They have a requirement that your product should be $10 or more. A nominal fee is charged on your sales.

Make a YouTube channel:

Sell your artwork through YouTube. Make videos of your work and tell people the interesting facts about it. Getting visitors on your channel is a hard nut to crack. You cannot just have hundreds and thousands of visitors in a day or even in a week. There is a solution to that as well, i.e. search engine optimization. For those who don’t know what it is: this is a process that enables you to be visible on the result list by a search engine.  See online tips or a guide to using this tool.

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