The Importance of Art in Child Development

Art is something that we should all experience in our lives. It is a way of expressing ourselves, and it comes in many forms. Whether you’re making a batik, painting, or playing music, there are very many different kinds of art. The most common types of art include paintings, and they can be found on the walls of most homes. Photography is also an art that is very popular, and there are different types of photography such as portrait and landscape. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of art in child development.

The Importance of Art in Child Development
The Importance of Art in Child Development

Motor Skills

When making art, there are many motions involved. These could include scribbling, painting, and many others, and they all go towards improving motor skills in children. The National Institutes of Health says that when kids are around the age of three, they should make developmental milestones such as drawing circles and learning to use scissors. When they turn four, they can begin drawing squares and cutting in straight lines. This will give them the dexterity that they will need when they start writing.

Language Development

Art is the perfect opportunity for children to learn new words, shapes, colors, and actions. This is very important for the young children, and as they grow older, they can start using more descriptive words.

Decision Making

Problem solving and critical thinking skills, according to a report by Americans for the Arts, are strengthened when children learn art. As they get older, they will need those skills when making decisions regarding their lives.

Visual Learning

Visual spatial skills are improved when kids take part in art, whether it is drawing, sculpting, threading, or painting. Visual information can be relayed even to toddlers, who can know how to operate a smartphone even before they know how to read. Children “learn a lot more from graphic sources now than in the past,” according to Dr. Kerry Freedman, Head of Art and Design Education at Northern Illinois University. “Children need to know more about the world than just what they can learn through text and numbers. Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it.”


Art is a way through which kids can express themselves, and this in turn makes them more inventive. They develop a sense of innovation since art is a way of encouraging the process and the experience of thinking and making things better.

Cultural Awareness

We live in a culturally diverse society and this can be portrayed through art. According to Freedman, “If a child is playing with a toy that suggests a racist or sexist meaning, part of that meaning develops because of the aesthetics of the toy—the color, shape, texture of the hair.” says Freedman. It is important for the children to know that the art is the choice of the artist, someone else’s interpretation of reality.

Improved Academic Performance

According to studies, there is a correlation between art and improved academic performance. Children that participate in art regularly tend to perform better in math and science.

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